Unforgotten Illinois Council Against
Handgun Violence


Every year the public is bombarded with thousands of stories about gun violence on our news streams. With so many stories, people – as well as the media – have become numb. How do you turn apathy into action?

Real Data

Thirty thousand people die from gun violence in the US every year. In Illinois, nearly 1,000 people are killed by guns annually. Research shows that violent crimes and gun violence spike along with the temperature.

Real Lives

Gun violence affects the entire country, and truly hits home in Chicago, where experts say gaps in existing gun laws enable dangerous people to easily obtain deadly firearms.

Real Story

As summer approached, we worked with fellow IPG agency FCB Chicago to launch the Unforgotten campaign on behalf of the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence. Our mission was to remember local victims while raising awareness of this important and politically charged topic. Unforgotten featured a travelling art installation of eight lifelike statues of gun violence victims in their actual clothes, a mobile app and website featuring stories of victims, and a call to take action by signing a petition for change. The entire experience was documented with an online film.

Real Results

With no paid media support, we generated more than 102 million editorial impressions, with 97 percent of coverage including key messages and 90 percent featuring a photo. Highlights include a cover story in the widely read Redeye newspaper, stories in the Chicago Tribune, and a feature segment on CBS WBBM-TV. The Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence saw a record number of site visits, stories shared and petitions signed, and declared the exhibit the most successful initiative in its 42-year history.