Welcome to a New Current

Posted by . October 1, 2015 .   0

Today marks a milestone in Current’s history and an evolution for our brand. When we opened our doors in 2006, Web 2.0 was just taking off, the standard press release was becoming social and marketers were buzzing about “buzz marketing.” A lot has changed in the past nine years, and we’ve changed with it, complementing traditional PR work with the broader marketing capabilities of research, planning, creative, digital and social.

As we thought about the future of our industry and our agency, we came to the conclusion that marketers need to tell brand stories that reflect and connect with people’s stories. We realized that the notion of lifestyle marketing conflicts with the new norms of authenticity and self-expression. The term “lifestyle” suggests a pattern of behavior that is at odds with constant input and stimulation – and the very concept of authenticity – because today people live lives, not lifestyles. Lives are real, personal, unique. They are not styled.

To that end, Current Lifestyle Marketing has rebranded to focus on marketing for real lives. Through public relations, influencer marketing, digital and social media, we will create genuine connections between brands and people to help change behavior and move brands forward. Our new strategic approach goes beyond traditional segmentation to uncover truths about people that reflect how they really live and behave.

Our new mindset mandated some changes. We’ve dropped “Lifestyle” from our name, updated our logo and coined the “Marketing for real lives” tagline. Our new website features real life video, images and stories curated by our team, family and friends. We’ve erased the words “consumer” and “target” from our lexicon, developed a proprietary approach called Realistics, and formed a strategic partnership with Tap Influence, an influencer platform powered by real people telling real stories.

We invite you to see life the way we do, and we welcome your feedback.

Virginia Devlin
Founder & President