Protect It or Lose It Allstate®


Homeowners are usually aware of the value of high-ticket items like stereo equipment and jewelry, but not everyday possessions such as dishes, bedding and clothing. These are often overlooked in most insurance policies.

Real Data

Nearly all homeowners have some kind of insurance, but nine out of 10 haven’t valued their possessions in years – let alone documented what they have. While most can tell you how much their TV cost (62%), only one in five know the cost to replace home décor like window treatments (21%) or area rugs (22%). And even fewer – particularly Millennials – know the replacement costs for bedding and towels (17%).

Real Lives

We discovered a real “goods gap” – insured homeowners were shocked to learn the value of their uninsured, everyday possessions. Meanwhile, we were shocked to learn just how passive this important financial priority is for people. Less than half of Millennials know what their deductible is, and even fewer know the extent of their current coverage – and this is the group that most likely just signed up to be covered! Let’s face it: insurance is incredibly important – when you need it. But keeping your policy current can be tiresome, even though an out-of-date policy may cost you money when you need it most.

Real Story

Inform, even entertain, in a non-frightening, non-threatening way. Our “Protect It or Lose It” campaign engaged people through a custom website and online game, celebrity spokesperson and interactive mobile tour.

Real Results

The campaign generated more than 2,600 stories, with 55 million impressions, including coverage in The Huffington Post and on “The View.” The online game racked up 2 million+ page views, with people averaging 3 minutes on the site learning about the benefits of comprehensive homeowners insurance, with more than 5,000 people sharing it on social. At the end of the campaign, more than 2,000 leads were generated for local Allstate agents nationwide, plus 285 visits to Allstate’s online tool to assess homeowner possessions.