Drink Up America Brita®


National health and wellness experts put out a call for Americans to drink more water and less soda, but it still wasn’t working to get people to drink up. As Brita joined the growing effort, we needed to lead the conversation, showing people that a clean, clear, great tasting beverage was available from their own faucet.

Real Data

According to the CDC, more than 40 percent of Americans drink less than four cups of water a day. People drink about 400 calories a day in sugary drinks, though, with sugar-sweetened beverages the number one source of calories in the American diet. By contrast, the American Heart Association advises people to consume no more than 36 ounces – or about 450 calories – from sugary beverages a week.

Real Lives

Water is the most accessible – and most taken for granted – beverage. Sweet drinks, fancy bottles and sexy marketing campaigns grab people’s attention when thirst hits, but leave lasting effects on our bodies and the environment. Experts were fighting to keep water’s reputation from going down the drain, with the goal of making it the go-to beverage for everyone.

Real Story

Brita became an original supporter of Drink Up, a campaign from the Partnership for a Healthier America and First Lady Michelle Obama. We created an ongoing stream of content encouraging Americans to drink more clean, clear, filtered tap water. We tapped actress and philanthropist Eva Longoria as a brand spokesperson to attend the Drink Up launch (where she shared the stage with the First Lady), host an event to announce the donation of hydration stations to the YMCA, and design a limited edition Brita on-the-go bottle.

Real Results

Brita nabbed the spotlight in a sea of other Drink Up sponsors at the national press conference and beyond. To date, the brand has earned more than 275 million impressions in top outlets including AP, Huffington Post, CBS This Morning, Time, People and Extra! Eva and her bottle were featured in a tweet from the First Lady and the bottle sold out on Amazon within weeks.