At the heart of our approach is Realistics.

Realistics is a series of lenses through which we gather data and insights that we combine into a nuanced real-life picture. We believe segmentation, by definition, is at odds with how people live today. Sure, large groups of people will always have values in common, but we are expressing ourselves in far more personal ways that defy generalizations.

We get at personal truths by asking personal questions. We connect with people to understand their real lives, passions and brand relationships. Then we layer on research findings and information gathered from social listening, focus groups, retail visits, etc. Through influencer outreach, we strive to understand their – and their audiences’ – relationship with a product, brand or category.

We combine all of this data into nuanced insights about how people live and interact with a brand or category. These insights inform creative ideas and marketing efforts designed to intersect people in their real lives through a strategic blend of media, influencer and advocate initiatives.